At 180, we believe that training is a key component to the success of any CRM implementation. You can upgrade your hardware, and upgrade your software, but if you don't upgrade your staff, you will truly be unable to maximize your investment.

As with everything we do, 180 Degree Solutions brings over 25yrs of CRM experience to the table, to provide some of the highest quality training available in the industry. And, because everyone's needs and budget vary, we offer a wide-range of training options to serve you.

  • Training Videos
  • Web-Based Training
  • Onsite Training
  • Standard Courseware
  • Custom Courseware

Training Videos

Though training videos are the least-cost option, 180 highly encourages our customers to use these only as a supplemental resource. Training videos work well as a tool to learn a few basic/specific functions, but don't be fooled into thinking that eLearning is equal to classroom training. The best formula can be "blended learning", that is instructor-led supported by eLearning. But don't just take our word for it, click here to read the U.S. Dept of Education Survey showing the value of combined training vs eLearning or instructor-led alone.

GoldMine Training Center

The website offers a sizable library of tgraining videos from Basic training, to System Admin, as well as access the DJ Hunt's Definitive Guide to GoldMine Premium Edition.

Web-Based Training

Almost any of the Onsite Training options, whether that be using Standard Courseware, or Custom Courseware, can easily be provided remotely by one of our classroom instructors. Instructor-Led, web-based training, though can be less effective that Onsite Training, has significant advantages. Those advantages include lower cost, easier to coordinate, and increase convenience. For customers whose user-base is not centralized, web-based training is many times the ONLY way to provide staff with the tools they need to succeed.

Advantages of Web-Based Training

  • Efficient - Dedicated training covering ONLY the topics important to you and your team.
  • Convenient - Your staff can attend from any location they wish to.
  • Economical - No travel required, saving both time and money.
  • Practical - Great for remote, traveling, or high-turnover teams.
  • Flexible - Much easier to schedule than onsite training.
  • Standardized - All your student receive the SAME training.
  • Interactive - Individual students can ask questions but the entire team can hear the answer.

Onsite Training

180 Degree Solutions offers on-site training for both local and out of state customers. As with our Web-Based Training, we can provide a variety of training options to include Standard Courseware or Custom Courseware. If you don't have a training room, we can even provide and setup our Mobile Training Lab for your staff to use, allowing them to truly learn GoldMine without worrying about affecting your live contact database.

Advantages of Onsite Training

  • Efficient - Dedicated training covering ONLY the topics important to you and your team.
  • Convenient - The instructor comes to you, no need to ask staff members travel.
  • Economical - Travel expenses are incurred ONLY by the instructor.
  • Standardized - All your staff members receive the SAME training.
  • Hands-on - It's hard to beat the combination of hearing it, seeing it, and DOING it!
  • Interactive - Individual students can ask questions but the entire team can hear the answer, learning from each other.
  • Synergistic - With whole staff together in one room, they can feed off each other as they brainstorm new ideas.
  • Focused - The classroom setting increases attention and engagement.
  • Adaptive - Experienced instructors are better able to adapt their speed and tactics with visual classroom feedback.
  • Personal - As needed the instructor, or another advanced co-worker, can provide individual attention to a specific user.
  • Invaluable - Studies have shown that employees feel valued when employers invest in THEM.

Standard Courseware

Whether you opt for Web-Based Training or Onsite Training, our Standard Courseware will help guide you through it. With our print-on-demand approach, our training material is always up to date… no inventory of dated manuals to get rid of. All our lessons are regularly updated to reflect the latest of versions of GoldMine.

Custom Courseware

Sometimes, no matter how well they've been designed, Standard Courseware is not quite enough. For those situations, our training manual design team can create Custom Courseware just for you. For those of you needing Custom Courseware, we offer 2 options, À la Carte Chapter Selection or Complete Personalization.

À la Carte Chapter Selection

Just as the name implies, select which lessons you would like to include in your manual, and we will build the custom manual for you.
Note: Some lessons assume that you already understand basic concepts.

General Topics

Complete Personalization

For some customers, their GoldMine is so well customized, standard courseware or even à la carte courseware, simply doesn't cut it. In those situations, we offer Personalized Courseware. Personalized Courseware takes our standard material and replaces the screens, where needed, with your screens. Changes the steps to include your steps. In the end, you own the material, to reproduce as needed for in-house use.

Download Sample